At Chilson Chrysler Dodge, LLC, our team loves a powerful car. The Dodge Challenger certainly fits the bill — and more importantly, this popular muscle car comes with features that keep you in control. That way, you can enjoy the power with peace of mind.

When you're testing the speed of the Challenger, the electronic power steering kicks in. This system translates your every movement perfectly, so you can feel confident on twisty roads or in heavy traffic.

Do you like a drive that's effortless and relaxed? With the Challenger's TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission, each trip is a breeze. This system shifts between gears without missing a beat, so you can accelerate smoothly and pass with confidence. When you're in the mood for a sportier feel, just switch to the paddle shifters. Try them out by coming to see our Chippewa Falls team for a test drive today.


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