Satisfaction is something you want from a vehicle. That is why we at Chilson Chrysler Dodge, LLC believe so highly in the Wrangler. We see them on the roads and know the detail that goes into crafting them. Long a staple of off-road excellence in automobiles, the Jeep Wrangler will leave you pleased on any surface as you navigate around. Capability features start with traction.

Traction Matters Everywhere

Perfect for Chippewa Falls because of its four-wheel-drive capability; consumers can choose from three available all-wheel-drive systems to handle any driving condition. Be comforted knowing that the Wrangler is built for the elements.

If you have driven longer than a day you will surely have realized by now that driving conditions aren't always pristine across the roadways of America. A driver loses supplies on the road here, hazardous conditions impact conditions over there and so on--the Jeep Wrangler features strong steel skid plates to protect it from anything. The Wrangler is strong and fun to drive no matter the time or place the ignition is engaged. Test drive it to see how great of a compact SUV it is.



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