Jeep Compass Exterior Features

There is no questioning the fact that the Jeep Compass has established itself as a popular SUV. All you have to do is look at the sales and you will be sure to see it right away. Here are some of the exterior features that make the Jeep Compass so appealing:

Excellent front headlamp options

The Jeep Compass has excellent lighting options, such as daytime running lights and an available LED lighting strip. These would also include available fog lights that automatically turn on when the Compass is turning sharp corners.

The Signature Grille

These new Jeep Compasses also come with the signature grille that Jeep is famous. This seven-slot grille is available in a number of different styles, and it is a nod to the proud history of Jeep automobiles. They pair this with the trapezoid-shaped wheel arches for a design that is unmistakably jeep, and one that you will enjoy immensely.



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