Mopar® Vehicle Protection

A new car's warranty can give you peace of mind, but its coverage can sometimes be lacking. Get up to 5,000 or more components covered with Chrysler's Mopar Vehicle Protection plan, a comprehensive vehicle maintenance program that ensures the finest mechanics and certified parts will be used in your repairs until your vehicle reaches a certain mileage or age.

Two plans that differ in the number of components covered both offer a basic package that includes a car rental allowance, a $100 towing allowance, a $600 key fob repair or replacement, a $100 deductible on work done and other benefits. Drivers can extend their coverage from 60,000 miles or five years to 160,000 miles or 12 years if necessary.

The dealerships supporting Mopar repairs span North America, ensuring that there will be convenient access for drivers when their vehicle requires repair. Your tires are also covered under this plan for seven years if you have a flat or encounter a destructive pot hole.



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