Whether you are driving to grandma’s house for the holiday or visiting the mother-in-law for a family gathering, having a well-planned trip is of utmost importance. It not only prevents you from running around like a headless chicken but also keeps you from exhausting yourself and becoming stressed. Here are some tips to help your seasonal trip run smoothly.

  • Get Your Car Checked: Before you even consider a car trip, get your vehicle checked. Our mechanics at Chilson Chrysler Dodge Jeep are ready to help customers in Chippewa Falls, WI get their cars road-ready.
  • Make a Packing List: While packing from memory is faster, you might forget important items. Make a detailed list of what to bring and check it off as you go.
  • Have a Backup Plan: Even on car trips, things can go wrong. From medical emergencies to car trouble, have a plan in case things go awry.
  • Plan Your Route and Drive Carefully: Even if it is a short drive, planning your route and using caution can help prevent drama.

Make the trip to prepare your vehicle for an upcoming family vacation with us at 1983 South Prairie View Road!

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