Have you ever heard of Veestro Veggies?
This brand was created by a brother and sister from Costa Rica. You probably want to write the name down because it's starting to gain some positive press of late.
The "Ram On Demand" campaign allowed Veestro to test out the Ram ProMaster City van. This helped the small company deliver its ready-made meals to customers at lunch time.
The Veestro owners especially liked the ProMaster's pull-out shelves. Its shape is somewhat deceptive, though.  You see, even though its superbly spacious inside, the Ram still manages to deliver a refined, car-like ride.
Veestro Veggies was quite amazed with the Ram ProMaster. They immediately wanted to place an order. After all, Veestro already ships 35,000 plant-based meals per month -- just imagine what they could accomplish with Ram on their side.
Ram commercial just may be the best business partner you ever have.
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