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Enjoy Short or Long Commutes in the Spacious 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan

Whether you have busy mornings where you have to bring your large family to school, or you go on road trips quite frequently, a spacious vehicle may get appreciated. The 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan offers an array of storage options that you can utilize for your luggage or to fit more passengers comfortably. The impressive available storage amenity Stow ‘n Go® Seating and Storage System gives you an abundance of room when you customize how much space you need by folding the second and third row seats to your desired space...

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The 2017 Ram 3500 Chassis Tradesman® Cab Has the Power and Storage Capabilities to Enhance Your Work

When searching for the ideal work vehicle, you may have a few requirements in mind. You may want to make sure that the truck you choose has the power and capabilities needed to enhance your work on a daily basis. With many aspects that make the 2017 Ram 3500 Chassis Tradesman® Cab a favorable choice, you may want to take a closer look and see just how impressive this truck is...

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Slow Engine Start is a Sign that the Battery Needs to Get Changed

Your battery is the electrical heart of your vehicle. It is important that this component is operating properly. Any malfunction by the battery of a vehicle can cause serious problems while driving.

One of the most obvious signs that it is time to change your battery is a slow starting engine. If it takes several tries for you to fire your vehicle up, you can almost be certain that your battery is nearing the end of its life. At this moment you must take action and change your battery before you are stranded without an operating vehicle...

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How to Handle a Nail in One of Your Vehicle’s Tires

Dealing with a nail in your vehicle’s tire can get to be quite stressful. You may not know how to precisely handle this predicament, especially if your tire still has an ample amount of air in it, and your car is running how it normally does. You may not be sure if you should pull the lodged nail out of the tire and jeopardize the tire by flattening it, or leave it alone and take a chance every time you get behind the wheel...

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Find the Heart of America Inside Every 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

The spirit of adventure is inside every all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica; the incredible amenities, convenience features and innovative technology make any road trip exciting and fun. Knowing that drivers would be traveling all over the US in the all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, the team looked to the American landscape to inspire the Pacifica's interior. 
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Oh No! What Does That "Check Engine" Light Mean?

All of a sudden you see an illuminating light go on out of the corner of your eye. It's on your dashboard, and it's a little outline of an engine. Beneath it is the words, "Check Engine."

You're quite frightened. Right away images of high repair bills or damage to your engine come to mind. It is very likely not as serious as that. However, ignoring it is not a good idea, either. At your first safe opportunity, pull over and check your gas cap. Sometimes a loose gas cap will be the culprit. If that doesn…

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Do You Need Your Brakes Serviced?

The brakes are one of, if not the, most important part of your car. Making sure that your car is safe and that your brakes are in perfect working order is essential to ensure that you can drive safely. Figuring out when to get your brakes checked is an important thing to recognize.

Do You Need Your Brakes Checked?

If you hear a constant grinding or squealing every time you use your brakes it is time to get them serviced. If this happens when you start to brake, it is a sign that your brakes are not working like they…

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The New RAM 1500 With RAMBOX Cargo Management System Is A Truck Owners Dream Come True

Working at Chilson Chrysler Dodge Jeep, we see people come in every day that need a pickup truck, but don't think that they do. They ask for all kinds of vehicles that they think will help them with their cargo handling needs, but often they don't give a single thought to a pickup truck, thinking that they are only for workmen. They don't know about the versatility of a pickup truck for everyone who carries a lot of stuff around regularly.

What they also don't know is that the Ram 1500 is the best truck in…

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Veestro Veggies Arrive Fresh Thanks to Ram Cargo Van

Have you ever heard of Veestro Veggies?
This brand was created by a brother and sister from Costa Rica. You probably want to write the name down because it's starting to gain some positive press of late.
The "Ram On Demand" campaign allowed Veestro to test out the Ram ProMaster City van. This helped the small company deliver its ready-made meals to customers at lunch time.
The Veestro owners especially liked the ProMaster's pull-out shelves. Its shape is somewhat deceptive, though.  You see, even though its superbly spacious inside, the Ram still manages to deliver a refined, car-like…
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